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12d Model 11 rollout

12d Model 11 is now being shipped.

New features in 12d Model 11 include trimeshes; 12d XML; Point Clouds; output to 3D PDF, STL and OBJ; ADAC; ePlan; clash detection; Tunnel setout and conformance; plot sheet composition; dimensions; leaders and tables; zipped 12da files; drag and drop; reading 2D PDFs; Pipe and Attribute toolbars; upgraded Create Roads including Snippets; enhanced sight distance and viewsheds; 1D and 2D drainage enhancements; 12d Field Setout and Pickup enhancements; hammer head components; multiple transitions in super alignments; MTF trim and many new MTF, snippet and chain commands.

Please contact your 12d Model reseller to receive 12d Model 11.