12d Modellers on 12d Model

It’s always exciting to see the innovative projects that 12d Model is being used for. From the Parramatta Light Rail from to the West Gate Tunnel down in Victoria, seeing 12d Model in action is always illuminating for us as it is for other industry professionals.

One of the most useful things is finding out what features drafters and designers value best. Here’s a roundup of some of the feedback we got, from the people actually using our software…


12d Modellers on 12d Model

Seb Woodland, GHD

I like the Computators and the way we can form parametric designs and really get a lot of design intent into the model, rather than just a 3D drafting type exercise.

Lane Irwin, 12d NZ

In 12d Model 14 for surveyors, definitely the plotting is going to make things a lot quicker and a lot easier. With the new 12d Field formats, just having a tree format will be absolutely fantastic, as well as more CAD options and things like that.

Carly Smith, Alexander Symonds

Personally, I love Visualisation. I used 12d Model a lot for a wind farm project, so we were able to plot out the turbines and then optimise the area and put in the roads, and it was great to fly through and see that all in visual.

Peter Murray, Brisbane City Council

I’ll go across all of the features, but the survey stuff is where I’m based. The new 12d Field is what I’m particularly interested in at the moment.

Dean Ostrofski, City of Gold Coast

Probably, the biggest benefit is the way 12d Model interfaces with a survey to design, then back to survey for construction set out, and now with the BIM capabilities, it’s fantastic. Visualisation has always been there, which is tremendous in being able to show our clients what we’re doing at an early concept stage before we go into the details.

Derek Roberts, Calibre

It’s probably starting to focus, the biggest one. There is probably the one point of truth. A lot more people are using it as a preferred software package, so it’s made it a lot easier to handle things and make changes and integrate with other software through common procedures.

Phil Weightman, Byrne Consultants

One of the features I particularly like is that everything keeps evolving within 12d. So that’s one of the great things, but I love how it’s starting to move into some of the object-oriented design space and how it’s keeping pace with the industry and also almost being on the leading edge of industry as well.


One thing we are certainly committed to at 12d is continually evolving and improving all of our software, to meet and exceed industry needs.

Going forward, we think the new user defined menus are going to be a game changer. There’ll be a nightmare for our support people because they won’t know what they’re going to be dealing with!  But I think a lot of users want to be able to customise 12d Model and chop it down for different applications.  We’ll still ship it with everything, but they can then define their own menus, top menu, side menu.

Ultimately, the future is shaped by our users coming and saying what they need that will make their life better. It might be some great big thing.  But it’s often the incremental changes that make the difference, such as cutting a task time from ten hours to one hour.