12d View for Surveyors

Michael (Mick) Connor – Survey Manager at Fulton Hogan – will chat with me on 31st October at 1pm about his team’s use of 12d Model with 12d View (and 12d Synergy). This webinar will be based on a presentation Mick delivered at our 12d Technical Forum in July.

He’ll take us through their journey, and what they encountered on a recent important project – Sydney’s B-Line, which has revolutionised bus travel along the Northern Beaches and Lower North Shore into the northern end of the CBD.

Some of the challenges they encountered on this project included narrow corridors, especially through Neutral Bay and Cremorne, where roads are congested with utilities.

The Fulton Hogan team worked through the night most nights to minimise disruption to users of the existing network until the new one could be launched.

Mick found that the enormous project was detracting from his day-to-day work, and he needed to find a better way to do things. Enter 12d Viewer.

Using this innovation in 12d Model, Mick’s team saw time, cost, and quality benefits, leading to greater empowerment for the engineers involved in the project – it allowed them ownership and accountability, and in turn this allowed Mick to achieve more with his days because he no longer needed to oversee other processes as much.

To hear more about how this was achieved, register to attend our free Industry Solutions Webinar at 1pm (Sydney time) on Wednesday, 31st October, 2018.

–Lisa Stewart