The Attribute Manipulator in 12d Model

Paul Hardwick of 12d Queensland addressed our 2018 Technical Forum audience about the Attribute Manipulator in 12d Model software.

Paul said this option has progressed a lot since 12d Model 11, and it has filled the hole of a lot a macros that have been written in the past, combining them all into one nice, easy-to-use option. It continues to grow in response to customer requests – expanding as more people want attributes, and more people want to do more things with attributes.

He showed examples of some attributes that can be easily worked with using this feature of 12d Model, declaring that, “It’s a very handy tool for a lot of different things.”

Updates to the Attribute Manipulator in 12d Model 14

New Rule Type Menu

The names of the items on the Rule Type pop-up menu have been modified as many items now apply to more than just string elements. The new names should make it more obvious which elements the rule will work for.

Str/Tin/TRm Attribute Menu

The Attribute Rule has been replaced by the Str/Tin/Trm Attribute Rule as the option now works for String, Tin, and Trimesh attributes.

New Choices for what Happens to Attributes

• Set the attribute path name to all upper case
• Set the attribute path name to all lower case
• Set the attribute to the GUID for that place and time

New String/Tin/Trm Properties

• Time the element was created
• Time the element was last updated
• Colour of a Trimesh
• Surface area of a Trimesh (all sides)
• Volume of a closed Trimesh
• Justification point of super string pipes

New Vertex Properties

• Colour of the water string node
• Modify the X, Y, and Z values
• Modify Point IDs

New Segment Properties include line style of a segment.

Concatenate Attributes

A real time-saver. For packages that can’t handle attributes, this gives the ability to concatenate attributes down to one thing, e.g. string name.


All in all, the Attribute Manipulator is an exciting feature in 12d Model that continues to grow, saving users time and money! Watch the full video of Paul’s presentation for more information!