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Super Alignment Computators and Chains

In this popular webinar video, Tim Brooks of 12d Queensland looks at using various Computators in 12d Model Super Alignments, and how these are used to create a more dynamic design. Computators are used to link Alignments together. In Conjunction with Super Alignment Computators, Tim demonstrates how putting these into a Design Chain can significantly … Continue reading Super Alignment Computators and Chains

Changes to Surveying

Over the years, Survey Managers such as Greg Cech of ESO Surveyors in Sydney have seen great changes in technology and in working practices across the industry. Tools such as software have opened doors in ways that once would have seemed impossible. When Greg started his career as a surveyor, he was working with what … Continue reading Changes to Surveying

Finding Things Fast in 12d Model

I caught up with Owen Thornton of 12d Queensland to chat about his ideas for ‘Finding Things Fast in 12d Model’.  You can watch the video here: In this webinar, Owen demonstrates some simple tips and recommendations for improving productivity with 12d Model. The session was mainly intended for less experienced users, though experts might … Continue reading Finding Things Fast in 12d Model

12d, ESO, and the Northern Beaches Hospital

We caught up with Greg Cech from ESO Surveyors, who is currently employed as the Survey Manager on the Northern Beaches Hospital road infrastructure job. Greg has been on that project for two and a half years, and it was going for approximately a year before he started. All of ESO’s work on this project … Continue reading 12d, ESO, and the Northern Beaches Hospital

Civil BIM and IFCs

12d CEO Dr Lee Gregory addressed our 2018 Technical Forum audience about Civil BIM and Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs) in 12d Model. View his talk here. Everyone is talking about BIM, but most people only see bits and pieces of it…a lot of it is jargon, so it’s important to know which parts to pay … Continue reading Civil BIM and IFCs

West Gate Tunnel Project – Melbourne

Tim Frost from Jacobs and Chris Hunt from Aurecon addressed our 2018 12d Technical Forum delegates about their work on the West Gate Tunnel Project in Melbourne. Tim has been a Civil Designer for 10 years, and was a Tunnel Zone Civil Designer on this project, in charge of getting all the outputs out as … Continue reading West Gate Tunnel Project – Melbourne

12d and ARR 2016

12d’s resident Water Resources Engineer, Rob Graham presented a very popular webinar on ARR 2016… ARR 2016 (Australian Rainfall and Runoff) has updated its hydrology for an ever-changing environment, and 12d Model is ready for the change! For ARR 2016, the new rainfall intensities and patterns are downloaded into 12d Model from the Australian Bureau … Continue reading 12d and ARR 2016

Introduction to 12d Model 14

Earlier this week, we ran a webinar – ‘Introduction to 12d Model 14’ – which was presented by our co-founder and Managing Director, Dr Lee Gregory, who has 39 years of experience in the civil software industry. Lee is a founding member of the Open BIM Alliance, and a member of buildingSMART. In 12d Model … Continue reading Introduction to 12d Model 14

New Webinar Series – Stormwater Drainage Design Fundamentals: Episode 1 – Project Preparation

Announcing…a new series of Training Webinars, to be run over the course of 2019, by Owen Thornton of 12d Queensland! Owen has been writing software for 12d Solutions since 2003. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, a background in Computational Fluid Dynamics and 15 years professional experience in the civil and mining industries. He … Continue reading New Webinar Series – Stormwater Drainage Design Fundamentals: Episode 1 – Project Preparation

Lot Pads (“Outside the Box”)

I caught up for a chat with Alisdair McCrudden of 12d Solutions WA, who first started using 12d Model – or, rather, 4d Model, as it was known then – in 1996! From 1997 he ran 12d Training courses through a reseller, and then in 1998 he commenced contracting directly to 12d, and has run … Continue reading Lot Pads (“Outside the Box”)

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