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12d View for Surveyors

Michael (Mick) Connor – Survey Manager at Fulton Hogan – will chat with me on 31st October at 1pm about his team’s use of 12d Model with 12d View (and 12d Synergy). This webinar will be based on a presentation Mick delivered at our 12d Technical Forum in July. He’ll take us through their journey, … Continue reading 12d View for Surveyors

Civil Object Creation in 12d Model

Steve Hunter of AECOM spoke to our 2018 Technical Forum delegates in July about civil object creation in 12d Model software. Steve said that at the time of the 2016 12d event, most of the designers he was working with had come to grips with workflows and mechanisms to expand their modelling of civil infrastructure … Continue reading Civil Object Creation in 12d Model

12d Model Macros

Aidan Bickhoff – then a Civil Designer with Sunshine Coast Regional Council – speaks of his 2016 work designing a macro in 12d Model software to assist with the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP), in line with the Sustainable Planning Act (SPA 2009). Customisation using macros is a great way to get the most out … Continue reading 12d Model Macros

12d Model and Revit

Sean Lawrence of GHD Pty Ltd addressed our 12d Technical Forum delegates in July about his team’s use of 12d Model and Revit. Sean stated that using 12d Model with Industry Foundation Classes (IFCs) and Revit is quite advantageous for all Revit users; using this information allows them to have greater collaboration between the two … Continue reading 12d Model and Revit

Kerb Return and Cul-de-sac Design

Lisa Stewart caught up with Matt Stephens of 12d Victoria recently, for a very popular Training Webinar about ‘Kerb Return and Cul-de-sac Design’. In this information-packed session, attendees learnt how to create basic kerb returns and cul-de-sacs by using the Kret Convert to Computators command within 12d Model. Matt demonstrated two methods for creating a … Continue reading Kerb Return and Cul-de-sac Design

Downhill Strings in 12d Model (including new V14 features)

In our recent Training Webinar entitled ‘Downhill Strings (including new V14 features)’, Owen Thornton of 12d Queensland discussed the Downhill Strings option in 12d Model, used for processing Super strings with z-values. The option has been significantly updated for 12d Model 14, and these changes were highlighted as part of a complete demonstration of the … Continue reading Downhill Strings in 12d Model (including new V14 features)

12d Model 14 Highlights

12d Model 14…as presented at the 12d Technical Forum 2018! When 12d Solutions Managing Director Dr Lee Gregory set out to write his opening speech for the 2018 Technical Forum, he decided it was time to make something clear…that we can confidently now call 12d Model the world leading Civil BIM solution! In fact, all … Continue reading 12d Model 14 Highlights

12d Synergy 4 Highlights

Richard Stoliar – Technical Lead for 12d Synergy – recently spoke to our excited 12d Technical Forum 2018 delegates about the upcoming release of 12d Synergy 4. Since the release of Version 1.0 in February 2011, a lot has changed in 12d Synergy…we’ve learnt a lot, and responded to feedback, and this new release is … Continue reading 12d Synergy 4 Highlights

2018 12d Technical Forum – Demographics

After our 2016 event, I wrote a piece (full article below) about the (albeit slowly) changing face of conference demographics…at that time, the percentage of women in attendance had grown from less than 1% in 2005 to around 5% in 2016…and as I write this today, I’m in the wake of a 2018 event which … Continue reading 2018 12d Technical Forum – Demographics

Survey Utility Modelling in 12d Model 14

  Modelling and attributing services in 12d Model 14…made easy with the addition of new options! I caught up with 12d Queensland’s Paul Hardwick this week to chat about Survey Utility Modelling as part of our ever-popular Training Webinar Series. This webinar teaches you how to automate service modelling using tools such as: Mapfiles Attribute … Continue reading Survey Utility Modelling in 12d Model 14

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