Demystifying Track Terminology

Lisa Stewart caught up with Alisdair McCrudden of 12d WA for a chat about the terminology surrounding 12d Track, our rail module (available free to customers on Maintenance who have purchased both the Detailed Alignment Design module and the Volumetrics and TIN Analysis module). Alisdair’s aim was to ‘demystify’ this terminology, and indeed some of the processes involved in rail design, which he maintains is not too different from road design. Alisdair says a competent road designer will easily switch to rail design with the guidance of a rail engineer or experienced rail designer.

Alisdair took us through some of the commonly used terms encountered in 12d Track (and rail design in general), including:

  • Rail
  • Sleeper
  • Ballast
  • Capping
  • Formation
  • Gauge
  • Cant
  • Pandrol Plate
  • Cross over
  • Turn-out
  • Curve Compensation

Alisdair also took us through an example of a Snippet being used to produce a decisional cut and fill template, including what can go wrong and how to fix it.

Watch Alisdair’s full presentation here:

Let our resident rail expert, Alisdair McCrudden of 12d WA, take you through the terminology associated with using 12d Track, in order to to “demystify” rail design, which he says is not actually too different from road design!

The Technical Preview Version of 12d Model 14 is already in use by many of our customers on Maintenance who attended this year’s 12d Technical Forum…stay tuned for details of our 2020 event (2-4 August 2020, back at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre) if you want to get in the loop early for 12d Model 15 as these lucky folks have done this time around!

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