Drainage 2D in 12d Model

12d Water Resources Engineer Rob Graham is our ‘go-to guy’ for all things Drainage 2D. Watch this video┬áto hear him talk about this exciting aspect of 12d Model!

Drainage 2D

Stormwater overland flow is a critical component of roadway design. Estimating flow paths through intersections and roundabouts can be difficult, especially under complex diverging flow conditions. 2D hydraulic modelling provides the modeller a more advanced tool for evaluating the surface flow patterns. Conventional 1D modelling requires the modeller to define the flow routes based on evaluation of the terrain and estimated flow direction (water does not always flow downhill and has a reluctance to turn corners).

In this introductory session, we use 12d Model to create a small 2d hydraulic model of a roadway intersection, run the TUFLOW engine and review the velocity, depth and hazard results. The visualisation of the results are in plan, section and 3d animation.