Favourite Features in 12d Model… by 12d Modellers themselves!

Some of our fabulous delegate interviews at the 12d International Technical Forum in July 2018 included the question “What’s your favourite thing about 12d Model software?”

The answers were as varied as the delegates themselves.

One thing is for certain, though – the product’s users love it, and were happy to chat about it at our sold-out event in Brisbane!

We heard from:

  • 12d Managing Director Dr Lee Gregory, who chatted about Civil BIM functionality
  • Carly Smith of Alexander Symonds in SA, about her work with wind turbines
  • Peter Murray of Brisbane City Council, who loves the Survey functionality
  • Richard Russell of Arcadis, who enjoys being able to collaborate with other designers and interface with other packages
  • Darren Gaunson of TABEC in WA, who loves the simplicity of 12d Model, and the way in which he has been able to learn new skills in it with ease
  • Bill Ypelaan of GHD in Vic, about the ability to adapt 12d to the different types of work he does
  • Lane Irwin, who heads up 12d NZ and is a big fan of plotting (in case you haven’t realised from previous posts!)
  • David Mares of Bouygues Construction in NSW, with some tips for newcomers to the product
  • Elliot Grierson of Harrison Surveys in WA, who appreciates 12d’s great Support.

What a wonderful collection of thoughts from our long- and short-term users – watch the video today to hear what they said!