How Long Have You Been Using 12d Model?

As part of our amazing series of short interviews at our 2018 12d Technical Forum, we asked the question, “How long have you been using 12d Model software?” The answers, again, varied quite a bit from person to person! Some had been using it for just 18 months (and yet, by all reports, were well on the way to ‘super user’ status already!), and others had been on board ever since the first licences were sold way back in 1991!

We heard from…

Elliot Grierson – Horizon Surveys, WA
Carly Smith – Alexander Symonds, SA
Seb Woodland – GHD, Qld
Bill Ypelaan – GHD, Vic
Peter Bonus – Horizon Surveys, WA
David Mares – Bouygues Construction, NSW
Derek Roberts – Calibre, NZ
Richard Russell – Arcadis, NSW
Dean Ostrofski – City of Gold Coast, Qld
Phil Weightman – Byrne Consultants, Qld
Peter Murray – Brisbane City Council, Qld
Darren Gaunson – TABEC, WA


Watch the video to see who fits in where!