Lee on 12d View 14, (mainly) for 12d Modellers

I caught up with our co-founder and Managing Director, Dr Lee Gregory, earlier this week to discuss 12d View – a free 12d Model project viewer which can look at all types of 12d Model projects.

12d View

Lee showed us how to get started, and discussed how 12d View can also view 12d Model projects with shares.

12d View can’t save information, just look at what’s there…however, it can read in and view data from a variety of sources, e.g. 12d, DWG, Genio, IFC, ADAC.

You don’t have to have an existing 12d Model project to run 12d View – it can create an empty 12d Model project for you to read data into and view. You can’t save that project but you can view everything you need to within it.

Just like 12d Model, 12d View uses and can create:

  • Plan, Section and Perspective views
  • Profiling on section views
  • Inquire options
  • Measure options.

12d View 14 Authorisation

12d View 14 can use:

an existing 12d Model 12 or 12d Model 14 authorisation


an existing 12d View authorisation


you can even run it unregistered.

12d View Projects Menu

  • Open recent projects
  • Open existing projects
  • Check base points
  • Project Details
  • Utilities – Project attributes
  • Settings.


In this handy presentation, Lee also runs through some 12d View settings and menus, demonstrates 12d View in action, and shows how to find it on our website.

This video is a must-see for anyone interested in using 12d View!