Lot Pads (“Outside the Box”)

I caught up for a chat with Alisdair McCrudden of 12d Solutions WA, who first started using 12d Model – or, rather, 4d Model, as it was known then – in 1996! From 1997 he ran 12d Training courses through a reseller, and then in 1998 he commenced contracting directly to 12d, and has run our WA Support and Training ever since.

Alisdair shared some ways to think ‘outside the box’ with the Lot Pads options in 12d Model software. He informed me beforehand that whilst Peter Taynton has done some great videos (available on our 12d Model YouTube Channel) on these options…as is always the case with 12d Model, the tools can be used in ways other than they were originally intended!

In this great presentation, Alisdair takes us through some varying ideas to perhaps spur some thought on possible uses.

He examines the Lot Pads Create, The Lot Pads Edit, Dynamic Pad & Dynamic Pad/Pond options.

He also provided some ideas on:

  • Dynamically “floating” a Building Pad up & down to get a balance of earthworks quantities.
  • Grading a Parking Lot for drainage by selecting maximum & minimum grades to a gully via the “Level/Grade” option.
  • Creating a “plain” at a selected grade via the “Surface Grading” option.
  • Dynamically “float” a set of ponds + a surrounding edge platform, as 1 entity, up & down to get a balance of earthworks quantities.

Watch this great webinar video today!


–Lisa Stewart