Project Review and Delivery – Stormwater Projects

I caught up with Owen Thornton of 12d Queensland for the sixth and final episode in the Stormwater Drainage Design Fundamentals Training Webinar Series: Project Review & Delivery. This very popular series has covered the basic and intermediate aspects of the Three Waters modules in 12d Model 14, with special emphasis on the design of stormwater drainage.

Stormwater Drainage Design Fundamentals - Episode 6: Project Review and Delivery

In this episode, we reviewed the storm analysis results and made some small improvements to the pipe sizes and grades, whilst discussing the settings of the Water Network Editor and feedback from the analysis in the Output Window. The major storm events were also analysed, highlighting the different settings required. Finally, deliverables were produced, including plan, long section and structure detail drawings, hydrology and hydraulic calculation tables, and a Buliding Information Model of the design in IFC format.

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