Implementing 12d Synergy for your Business

   17 May, 2018      1:00 PM AEST        

Change in any business can be confronting for anyone. Some of us embrace change and look forward to it, while others have a more measured approach and prefer consistency – “If it isn’t broke, why fix it?”

In this webinar we will discuss the strategies and processes we undertake during a 12d Synergy implementation. To implement 12d Synergy into your business, we start by reviewing your current data and document management processes. This information fuels the creation of the 12d Synergy job tree structure and job templates with a ready folder structure. We will explore how metadata/attributes will provide those extra details required to streamline your processes. We will also demonstrate how 12d Synergy can enforce drawing and file naming rules. Finally we’ll look at how to apply user permissions to your configuration.


Please note: Attendance at this Webinar is free of charge.

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