Dynamic Culvert Designer

   11 Apr, 2018      1:00 PM AEST        

The Dynamic Culvert application is a component of 12d Model's Dynamic Drainage module that allows the user to design and analyse single- or multi-cell culverts of multiple configurations and shapes.

By using the same unsteady flow analysis engine as the Dynamic Drainage module, it is capable of handling:
- Adverse grades
- Any shape including box, pipe, ellipse, egg, arch, horseshoe and even user-defined
- Any inlet configuration (flared, tapered, bevelled, etc.)
- Roadway weir overtopping using simple and compound weirs and FHWA (HDS-5) methodology, and Tailwater conditions including free, fixed and user defined open channels

It also includes comprehensive reporting.


Please note: Attendance at this Webinar is free of charge.

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