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12d Model 12d Field (Setout, Pick-up, Tunnel)

12d Field provides a new and innovative way for Surveyors and Engineers to collaborate, access and use design and survey data outside the office. By allowing these professionals to access the full functionality of 12d® Model™ from the field using fully Windows capable tablet devices, the office can be taken out into the field. Having this functionality on hand means that operations that once had to wait to be processed back in the office, such as conformance calculations, are available on demand, improving efficiencies in all areas of construction projects.

12d Field has been developed to enable surveyors to connect and communicate with 12d Field capable Total Stations and GPS instruments.

This capability means that the information that traditionally had to be exported or imported to and from 12d® Model™ to the instrument is now immediately available through the connected device running 12d® Model™. Having an instrument manufacturer independent communication tool, means that a single 12d Field device can be used with a range of different instruments to complete survey operations.

In both setout and pickup, information is displayed LIVE as it is surveyed. This, combined with the ability to simultaneously display detailed design and existing data, ensures total control and flexibility through 12d® Model™ interactive plan, section and perspective views.

12d Field Pickup provides the ultimate approach for surveyed data collection.12dʼs unique hierarchical attribute method with simple-to-manage coding, templating and live functionality gives the user complete control of the project and output, from the field.