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The drainage analysis module allows for hydrological and hydraulic analysis of a drainage network. Site specific rainfall data can be entered and stored in a rainfall file that can be utilised across many projects.

Using the Rational method, catchments with variable runoff characteristics can be created and maintained, with time of concentrations calculated by typed input or automatically determined by graphical flow path creation. Multiple catchments can be assigned to pits or manholes in the drainage network

The hydraulic requirements of the drainage network are automatically calculated based on rainfall intensities and return periods from the rainfall file. Pipes within the network are then sized and managed in the Network Editor with overland and bypass flows able to be calculated and graphically represented.

Losses within pits and flow velocities are determined with hydraulic grade lines shown and plotted. The network can be designed and sized based on both flow depth or pressurized (freeboard) methods and hydrological and hydraulic reports automatically produced.