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The dynamic drainage module allows detailed hydrological and hydraulic modelling based on volumetric (hydrograph) methods and hydraulics based on the St Venant equation.

Complex hydraulic situations including adverse grades, flow reversal, tidal outfall, flap gates and fixed backwater can be modelled within the network due to the introduction of Dynamic Wave calculations. Many types of conduit configurations can be included in the drainage network such as rectangular and trapezoidal conduits, as well as weir and orifice configurations.

The inclusion of hydrograph methodology allows the design of basins such as dry retarding, wet detention and interconnected basins to be properly supported. Hydrograph methods already implemented within the software are ILSAX, SWMM AND SCS. Hydrological components such as snowmelt, groundwater and exfiltration can also be modelled.

Reporting and analysis of the dynamic network can be complemented with a range of time series graphs navigated from within 12d that can be saved and exported into other documents. These graphs include depth, elevation, volumes and inflows/outflows