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12d Model Roadflow

The RoadFlow module also requires the 12d Model base* and Visualisation modules to run and Drainage, Drainage Analysis, Dynamic Drainage to model the drainage network

The 2D RoadFlow module allows rapid setup of a 2D model, based on the “rain on grid” analysis mode. To run the model, the user simply needs a surface tin, a model extent defined by polygon, initial rainfall intensity information and surface material “n” values to enable a 2D overland flood model to be initialized and run.

This module is invaluable to the non 2D modeler, such as a roading designer to be able to run simple but comprehensive runoff analysis models on selected areas of their design. Results such as depth of flow on the design surface (aquaplaning analysis) and width or extent of surface flow on the design surface for allowable encroachment on vehicle lanes can be viewed and interrogated.

The RoadFlow analysis creates a TUFLOW Control (TCF) file that, with the purchase of the Tuflow Interface module, can then be opened, amended and run in the TUFLOW Interface by experienced TUFLOW modelers.