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With the Survey module, users are able to graphically reduce and edit survey data, apply adjustments and transformations, create and label subdivisional (estate) lots and create upload setout data. The graphical Cadastral traverse spreadsheets are included.

Functionality of the Survey module includes:

  • During reduction the field codes are used to string data and apply line styles and symbols, colours and line weights through customisable mapping files
  • Field feature pickup includes sections, templating, arcs, pipes and culverts
  • Corrections to field data (typically miscoding) are done interactively on the computer screen and corrections added to the 12d field file. The original observations are always available
  • Adjustments include Bowditch, Compass, Transit and Least Squares
  • Transformations and conversions, including WGS84, circuits 1949 and 2000, NZMG, TM2000
  • New Zealand cadastral traverse spreadsheets and reports
  • Point upload and download to most common instrument brands including Leica, Sokkia, Topcon, and Trimble
  • Upload of horizontal and vertical geometry, design section and tins (surfaces) for most instruments
  • Horizontal and vertical transformations.