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There are two parts to the volumetric module, volume calculations and tin analysis. Calculations of earthworks volumes within a user defined polygon using either end area or exact calculations.

Volumes can be calculated between a triangulated model and a fixed height or between two triangulated models.

Included in the volumes is an auto multiple stock piling routine. With simple field coding the multiple stock pile tins are created and reported.

Reports of cut and fill areas and volumes are given on a section by section basis using the end area method, a height range basis by the cell method, or on a depth range basis using exact volumes. Depth volumes can be colour coded for validation and plots.

The triangulation analysis has options to calculate surface area, depth contours (isopachs) and the intersection of triangulations, and options for slope, aspect and viewshed analysis.

Colour coding can be used for the slope and aspect analysis. Land use studies, landscaping and other civil design tasks can benefit from this comprehensive suite of triangulation analysis options.