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Software is only effective when the operator understands its full capabilities.

We have been training users for approximately 20 years and have been refining our courses not only as the product develops but also from the feedback that we receive after every course, from both trainers and users.

Our courses are intensive with a steep learning curve, which means that you are a productive user within a matter of days.

Benefits Of Our Approach To Training

  • Explore the potential and possibilities of civil surface modeling with 12d Model
  • Understand the power and efficiency of 12d Model
  • Learn how to apply that power to your civil surface modeling projects within days (not months or years)
  • We offer a full range of formal training courses for our clients with numerous training sessions to suit your needs.
  • We conduct regular training sessions which can be held onsite in your office or at a venue of your choice.
  • We also offer tailored training options customised to your specific requirements.
  • Trainers are not only 12d power users but also experts in their field, they understand the real implications of getting projects right.
  • Access to colleagues that are skilled operators. The international 12d user network is still growing. You can get to know these people and draw upon their expertise.

Note: All 12d Training course attendees are issued with comprehensive course notes, ensuring you get the most experience on the day, and after as useful reference material.

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Course & Location Information

We have a number of public courses available through our qualified training partners. From time to time we send out training emails on behalf of our partners to keep our clients informed.

Our partners can tailor courses to an individuals needs by offering private 1 on 1 tuition as well as private group sessions for a particular organisation. Contact us if your individual training requirements differ.

Course Outline Brochure - Public Courses
Course Outline Brochure - In-House